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Native Plant Nursery & Garden Center

Located at
1781A North Market St.
Frederick, MD 21701 

Monday          Closed
Tuesday          Closed
Wednesday    10AM - 5PM

Thursday        10AM - 5PM
Friday             10AM - 5PM
Saturday         8AM - 5PM

Sunday            10AM - 5PM

Online Shipping: Plugs and Roll-Out Gardens Only

New To Gardening?

Our Biodegradable Garden Templates show you which plants go where, the best part, we ship all of the plants to your door!

Roll out Ecoplantia Garden Template
Prep the desired garden site


Prepare your desired planting area freeing it of debris, turf, and weeds.


Roll out the template and secure it to the bed with the provided staples.

Plant at designated location


Plant each plant in its designated location, mulch, and water!

Ecoplantia landscape design
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