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Empower individuals and communities to create beautiful gardens in their own spaces while promoting environmental stewardship and sustainable living.

About Ecoplantia

Ecoplantia is an online nursery providing Roll-Out Gardens™ and native plants to customers throughout the eastern half of the United States.  In April of 2024 we opened a retail garden center in Frederick, MD where we are active in the community providing plants, education, and landscaping services.  

Our Story

The spring of 2020 witnessed a major increase in gardening interest all over the world.  In that year, Brandon Carbary received an extraordinary amount of consultation requests stemming from gardeners of all skill levels.  During these consultations it seemed as though a few of the same questions were always asked.  Questions such as "What would go well here?". "How far a part do I plant these?" "What's something low maintenance that i can plant?".  With these being just a few of the questions asked, Brandon carried these concerns to his heart. 

On a bright sunny day, a week before Memorial Day of that year, the idea of gardening templates presented itself.  Brandon began his search quest online to see if there were any available.  After searching high and low, the only thing comparable found were printed plans on standard computer paper requiring the customers to measure everything out.  From that moment on life-sized garden templates went from an idea to a physical product.  After two years of research, development, and product testing, garden templates have arrived.


Recognizing that this endeavor is no small feat, Brandon connected with Laura Gaige who joined the team in 2022.  Laura carries with her experience in operational management, logistics, and customer satisfaction from various high-end hotels and clubs.  After considering our customer experience, we felt that we could not only eliminate researching and measuring, but we could also eliminate the trip to the nursery all together.

Today, we are a fully licensed nursery offering complete flats of natives, non-natives, pre-planned gardens, information, and support.  We thank you for choosing us and look forward to growing with you!


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