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30 Day Guarantee

In the unlikely event of a product mishap, we make it easy to place a claim.  Within 30 days simply take a photo(s) of the plant(s) and email it to us along with your confirmation number at  A member from our support team will reach out to you by phone and/or email to assist in determining what failed and how we can remedy the situation.  

Plants will only be replaced one time. All buyers assume responsibility of providing suitable growing conditions for all plants purchased from Ecoplantia.  The warranty will be deemed void If the plants were planted in an unsuitable environment, such as incorrect light conditions, poor soil conditions, or outside the plant's hardiness zone. Damage or loss of plants due to weather, pets, wildlife, drought, improper application of insecticides or herbicides, fires, floods, or any other unnatural causes are not covered under this warranty. All plants must be planted in the ground or raised bed to be eligible for coverage; this warranty does not include shrubs, or perennials planted in containers.


 If a plant continues to fail, we will not leave you in the dark.  Reach out to support@ecoplantia and we will help you determine the next appropriate course of action such as soil testing, tree assessment, light duration, drainage, etc.  

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