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Templates Only

Templates are rolled and shipped in a cardboard tube (2" Diameter x 24" Height) and sometimes flat boxes.  When shipped in a flat box, we have to bend the templates to fit.  Once received, simply squeeze the template on the side to make it straight again.  Templates are shipped out no later than 48 hours upon purchase and usually arrive in 3-5 days.  You will be notified once the product is shipped and your assigned tracking number will keep you updated with its status.  

Pre-Planned Garden Shipments for Spring 2024 

All Pre-Planned Gardens will be shipped out to customers beginning the week of April 22 and running through May.  The cutoff date to purchase plants from us to be delivered in Spring of 2024 is February 15th, 2024.  All orders must be in prior to the date.  Our next available shipping period will be announced late winter.

Pre-planned gardens are shipped in flats 21.375' x 11' x 5".  The flats are netted and held by inserts in its box. Certain templates require two boxes however we try to keep everything together.  

Full Flat Purchases

Full flat purchases can be held until spring or shipped immediately.  Complete perennial flats are shipped directly from our growers to your door.  Each flat is carefully inspected to ensure all plants all healthy and ready for establishment.  Plants shipped during the cold months may be dormant upon arrival.  We guarantee full growth and establishment of said plants.

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