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Students spreading mulch after planting.


Can you imagine being able to set out all of the plants shown in the photo above and having full confidence that all of the volunteers will plant them exactly where they go?  We've been apart of many volunteer planting parties and understand the burden organizing such events can sometimes be.  We will work with you to enhance the educational aspect of the plantings while students gain confidence and satisfaction in gardening 


Whether you're looking for a 4'x8' Veggie Garden Template or a full scale foundation design, we will work to provide a durable, educational, and impactful experience, packaged in a few boxes.  Please email


We work with county and non-profit organizations to provide garden templates aimed at increasing native plant awareness and overall beautification.  We offer discounted pricing to optimize charitable impact and to increase reach as we usher in a new generation of gardeners and environmental enthusiasts.  Beyond printing our own designs, we can print out the designs from designers within your organization. 


Reach out to us at  so that we can further assist you and your team!

Ecoplantia leaf

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