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Idea's on how to use Ecoplantia Garden Templates to redesign your residential property

Take a virtual look at "Re-Doing the Front Yard" utilizing Ecoplantia Garden Templates


Want a landscape make over without
the astronomical costs, time, and risk? 

The house shown to the left is a display of 3 contractor grade shrubs that have survived throughout the years.  The shrubs provide very little interest and contribute very little to the environment.


Measurements were taken of the front of the home.

To add interest to the garden we must add depth.  When we plant anything in a single straight line, our eyes pass right over it.  Adding curvilinear beds with layers of plants not only appeals to the eye but contributes to a healthy, diverse ecosystem.

New Bed IdeaDepth.jpg

Adding depth

By removing the existing plant matter and turf, we are able to work with a bigger canvas.  Having similar spaces on both sides of the walkway made it easy to tie in the overall planting pallette.



Now that our foundation shrubs are planted, its time to think about a perennial showing that will display seasonal interest without a lot of maintenance.


Beginning with the big stuff, we set our eyes on a new set of foundation shrubs as well as a Flowering Dogwood.  (For viewing purposes of this tutorial, we'll add the Dogwood last) 

We used the Shrub Spacer Garden Template on both sides of the walkway to ensure that our spacing was optimum.  We place the garden templates 6 inches - 1 foot away from the foundation wall.


Adding Interest

Moving on from our foundation hedge.  We now have a strong evergreen backdrop that will serve well to contrast a scene of mid-size perennials.  Using the Shrub Enhancement Garden Template, we chose a look that was drought tolerant, deer and rabbit tolerant, and low maintenance.

(Plants consist of Catmint, Coreopsis, Echinacea, and Variegated Liriope)


Adding interest

To fill in the border areas.  We went with a clean look of installing masses of Liriope spicata with the Ecoplantia Mass Spacers.  This ties into the low maintenance theme and delivers textural contrast to the broad leaved species in the garden.  You could also plant annuals such as begonias, impatiens, and pansies or another perennial instead of the Liriope.


Just Like That!

We have taken a tired old landscape and have rejuvenated it by piecing it all together with Ecoplantia Garden Templates.

Gardening is a practice, and a gardener is never "finished".  Throughout the seasons plants will grow inviting more creative opportunities to divide, re-plant, and re-design areas.  The possibilities of Ecoplantia Garden Templates are nearly limitless.

To complete this look we are adding a Flowering Dogwood Tree.  Ideally this would be planted first with the shrubs.  


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